January Novena: the Holy Name of Jesus

Cross On Mountain
Start the new year ready for battle!

Join us in January for the Novena to the Holy Name of Jesus. Start the new year ready for battle!

The Servant of God, Father John Hardon S.J. reflects profoundly on the Holy Name of Jesus:

"The name of Jesus is at once a creed, it summarizes everything we believe, it is a mystery beyond human comprehension in which we believe, and it is a prayer, the most important single petition we can make to God. It is as far as we can use the word, a sacrament. It produces what it signifies. It gives the grace hidden behind the name, Jesus. We should use this name, change the verb, we must use this name, change it once more, we better use this name. Christ told us to. In telling God we love Him, listen. God is no longer, no longer, and will not be for the rest of eternity, a hidden, invisible God. God is no man, so we tell him, Jesus, my God I love you. We beg you for the mercy we need. Jesus, have mercy. We thank God for all He has given us. Jesus, thank you."

Read the entire reflection here

December 21, 2018 - 5:17pm

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