An Army of Souls Consecrated to Mary

All the gifts, virtues and graces of the Holy Ghost are distributed by Mary, to whom she wishes, when she wishes, the way wishes and as much as she wishes.” 

― St. Louis de Montfort

Join the souls Consecrated to Mary

These souls are called to holiness through a complete gift-of-self to Jesus through Mary.

St Louis de Montfort and St Maximilian Kolbe are the great Apostles of this spirituality. The Union of our will with the will of God is a summary of holiness and this spirituality seeks to more perfectly conform our will to God by placing ourselves at the disposal of Mary, the Queen of All Hearts. 

Those who wish to join this movement should become familiar with the writings of the two great Saints listed above. This branch is not so much dedicated to certain prayers but rather to an interior state of being. As Louis de Montfort explains in his masterpiece, "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin", those who give themselves to this way of life should seek to do all things:

  • Through Mary
  • With Mary
  • In Mary
  • For Mary

Read his explanation here

Mary has shown us perfectly how to do God's will, let us follow our Holy Mother in this Spiritual War and beg her to keep us always beneath her mantle.

Our Lady of Victory, Pray for Us!

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