St Philomena

Devotion to St. Philomena

Heaven has encouraged our age to grow in devotion to a great "little" Saint; a young, princess martyr of the fourth century, unknown for nearly 1500 years, but now renowned for many astounding miracles, since 1802, when her remains were discovered in a Roman catacomb.

Philomena means "Daughter of Light," the light of faith in Christ. Her total trust in the invincible power of Jesus, her Lord, along with her faithful devotion to Mary, carried her through a very painful, yet powerful martyrdom at the tender age of 13. Rejecting the Emperor Diocletian's many marriage proposals, she kept her promise to Jesus, whom she called her Divine Spouse. Her remarkably strong and steadfast resistance to the wicked temptations and horrific tortures of an evil king obsessed with her beauty provides an impressive example of the power of moral courage and divine grace available to young people, even today.  

In 19th-century France, St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, strongly devoted to St. Philomena, composed a litany to her, granting her illustrious titles, such as, “Patroness of Youth, Model of Virginity, Protectress of the Innocent, and Powerful with God."

Her miracles are numerous and extraordinary. Many popes have greatly revered St. Philomena, as did Pope St. Pius IX, who received a miraculous cure from her. She has a predilection for infants, children, and teenagers, as well as mothers, students, and those taking exams.

St. Philomena helps all those afflicted in any way and is often likened to St. Jude, the Saint of the impossible. Many have found their troubles, whether spiritual or temporal, quickly dispatched through her powerful intercession.

St Philomena the "Wonder Worker" (11-Aug feast day)

St Philomena, Virgin & Martyr (11-Aug feast day)

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