Support the Mission

Pray and Fast for America is a grassroots movement initiative for 2019. It consists of 365 days of masses, prayers, and fasting for our Government Leaders, Families, Country, and for the purification and healing of the Church. But we can't do this critical work alone...

Please prayerfully consider supporting the movement and help us to unite the prayers and sacrifices of all who love and serve our Blessed Lord for the sake of our world and future generations.

  • For Donations of $25 to $49 you will receive the Holy Face devotional resources 
  • For $50 or more you will receive the beautiful Rosary for America!

Gifts for our Supporters

For those who support us with a gift of $25 to $49, we will send you The Golden Arrow prayer card, a Devotion to the Holy Face pamphlet, the Novena to the Holy Face booklet and the Holy Face of Jesus prayer card.

Holy Face Items

For those who support us with a gift of $50 or more, we will send you The beautiful Rosary for America.

Rosary For America Soft Silh 534x1000